---Another Believer (Talk) 18:04, 7 August 2015 (UTC) Leftovers == Unraptured. Why isn't this in the article? HBO Though "The Leftovers" never managed to pull in the same large audiences of HBO's other hit series, this semi-supernatural drama is lauded by many critics and fans as one of the best contemporary shows of our time. share. 4 years ago. According to Damon Lindelof, The Leftovers "was all about people trying to form belief systems that explained their own role in the universe and, more important, the way they related to one another, and mitigated some of the fears and anxieties and sadness of living in a world where the people that they cared about most could be pulled away from them at any instant. Critics Consensus: Its dour tone and self-seriousness may make for somber viewing, but The Leftovers is an artfully crafted, thought-provoking drama that aims high and often hits its mark. He eventually meets a … The Leftovers' first season was unsettling, exceptional television. Archived 'The Leftovers' leads the Metacritic's final tally of critics' top 10 lists of 2017. report. 414 votes, 105 comments. "The Leftovers" aired from 2014 to 2017. The Leftovers Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Laurie works on a book to expose the evils of the Guilty Remnant, and rents office space to serve as a refuge for … The Leftovers Makes Metacritic's Top 3 Best TV Show Of The Decade. Not to mention the supernatural and unexplainable elements of life, nature and humanity themselves. The Leftovers (season 1) and The Leftovers (season 2) I redirected these pages to this article for now, though it may be preferable to actually move some of the content from this article to separate pages dedicated to each season. The Leftovers Season show reviews & Metacritic score: After Nora leaves him, Kevin decides that he'll do whatever it takes to rid himself of Patti. With Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston, Liv Tyler. 17. Subreddit for the critically acclaimed HBO show "The Leftovers" by Damon … The Leftovers has held an interesting space in the critical landscape. It's been posted on this sub several times. “The Best-Reviewed TV Seasons of 2017 So Far: https://t.co/OTt2KDODsq The Leftovers S3 [98]” Close. We broke down quality TV by seasons and ranked the best TV seasons of all time based on Metacritic reviews. 39.3k members in the TheLeftovers community. Rotten Tomatoes scored the season 70%, based on 60 reviews, with an average rating of 6.9/10. 9.6. They acted crazy and I said I didn’t know if I cared to see more of their lives. u/GeekFurious. 200. 94% On the critics list The Leftovers is number 1. Posted by 3 years ago. Close. Subreddit for the critically acclaimed HBO show "The Leftovers" by Damon … Home cooks compete to transform leftovers into delicious creations, finding ways to give old leftovers new life, all in the hopes of winning a $10,000 prize. After the second or third episode I confessed to her I didn’t like any of these people. And it's a ride that shouldn't be missed. 39.0k members in the TheLeftovers community. The Leftovers continues to be unpredictable and provocative in season two with its new location, though the inexplicable circumstances will still frustrate many viewers. The Leftovers: Series Finale Review. The Leftovers can be a cumbersome ride but, if you trust the conductor as I do, it is a ride full of rich introspection and artistic grace. Reception Critical response. Metacritic: TV Critic Top 10 Lists - Best TV Shows of 2015. My sister recommended The Leftovers to me. The Leftovers can officially be mentioned in the same breath as modern classics The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and Mad Men after enduring as one of the best-reviewed shows in TV history. 259 votes, 55 comments. Three years after the disappearance of two percent of the global population, a group of people in a small New York community try to continue their lives while coping with the tragedy of the unexplained nature of the event. With the summer TV season winding down, it's time to re-evaluate the summer shows. regular TV watchers, which explains why it's a bit different. The Leftovers is an amazing journey into the conflicts, psychology and struggles when dealing with loss. The Leftovers Creator on Ending the Series and Nora's Guilt. It wasn't going to hook everyone, but those it did felt every breath and beat. 11 comments. Find out why critics now love shows like FX's You're the Worst and The Bridge, read what they thought of BoJack Horseman, The Leftovers and Halt and Catch Fire, and see if … https://www.metacritic.com/tv/the-leftovers/season-1/critic-reviews "Breaking Bad" and "The Sopranos" are some of the most acclaimed shows of all time. Archived. The Leftovers' Damon Lindelof on the Final Episode's Meaning. Metacritic aggregated 40 reviews for its first season, 33 for its second and 32 for its third. Season one of The Leftovers received mostly positive reviews from critics.Metacritic scored season one 65 out of 100, based on 42 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". Created by Damon Lindelof, Tom Perrotta. [1] Based on Perrotta's 2011 novel of the same name, [2] the series begins three years after the "Sudden Departure", a global event that resulted in 2% of the world's population disappearing. This is by Metacritic users, a.k.a. Tom discovers some unsettling information while hiding in … Posted by. Don’t believe us? With the clock ticking towards the anniversary of the Departure and emboldened by a vision that is either divine prophecy or utter insanity, Kevin Garvey, Sr. wanders the Australian Outback in an effort to save the world from apocalypse. 10. 'The Leftovers' leads the Metacritic's final tally of critics' top 10 lists of 2017. save. Metacritic assigned a Metascore of 65 to Season One (“generally favorable reviews”), and I am a big fan of the site, a “review aggregator” that serves a similar purpose as Rotten Tomatoes (although Metacritic expands beyond movies and TV). Metacritic: TV Critic Top 10 Lists - Best TV Shows of 2015. The Leftovers Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Kevin goes looking for his father after learning of his escape from the psychiatric hospital. Each character is developed well to create a … Jun 5, 2017-626. hide. The other part of how “The Leftovers” likely missed has to do with changes in balloting. The Leftovers is an American supernatural mystery drama television series created by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta, that aired on HBO from June 29, 2014, to June 4, 2017. Jun 5, 2017-1. She reminded me they had all been traumatized and their craziness was their response to trauma. The Leftovers deals with mystery, philosophy, spirituality, loss, pain, love, hate, truth and fiction and what it means to truly understand and deal with all of these things. Metacritic TV Reviews, The Leftovers - Season 2, The drama series based on Tom Perrotta's novel of the same name finds the town of Mapleton three years after "The … With Jackie Tohn, David So, Rosemary Shrager, Shawn Niles. Average Metacritic score: 74 (based on 33 critics) "'Looking' doesn't make the mistake of arguing that gay men are just like straight women, or straight men, or gay women, or even each other.

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